Core Medical Centre

Dr David Palmer


M.Tech Chiropractic

David has always had a keen interest in natural health and finding ways to help the body heal and function optimally. It was this interest that lead him to Chiropractic. He qualified as a Chiropractor from the Durban University of Technology in 2008, but decided to move to the UK to gain valuable overseas experience. He passed the UK board exams and went into private practice, working alongside and learning as much as he could from other experienced Chiropractors. It was during this time that he developed an interest in structural/posture correction, and helping people to not only feel better but to also attain and maintain good health. Four years later, and David is back in his hometown hoping to help as many people as possible through Chiropractic care. David has a special interest in helping patients with headaches, as he himself has suffered from headaches in the past. He has had great success with Chiropractic care, and he regularly gets adjusted himself. He likes to keep active and enjoys trail running, swimming and the odd game of squash. He believes that everyone has the power to improve their health in safe and natural ways.