Core Medical Centre

Naseerah Moola


B.Comm Path: Audiology

Naseerah Moola has a Bachelor of Communication Pathology: Audiology degree from UKZN Westville campus. She completed her community service at the Port Shepstone Regional Hospital. During this time, as well as during her studies, she worked with many geriatric and pediatric patients, who presented with different degrees of hearing loss. She was also involved in a newborn hearing screening program.

She recently started her own private practice which is also mobile as she wants to provide services to those who may not be able to reach it. One of her aims is to help people understand the importance of Audiology and the impact that a hearing loss can have on an individual. She would also like to educate people on the difficulties of living in a world with no hearing as it is important to remember that without hearing , you have lose most communication to the hearing world.