Why see a Biokineticist?

Our profession is a relatively new one. It arose from a need for a science-based exercise prescription not only for health and injury treatment but also for vitality and performance. Working with a Biokineticist can help reduce injury time, improve strength and endurance, increase flexibility and mobility and acquire static and dynamic stability. We aim to assess our clients using objective measures from a head to toe postural analysis, a review of biomechanics during several movements in the form of a functional screening, isometric muscle testing or strength tests as well as specialized tests for specific dysfunctions.

It is through our thorough examinations that we are able to prescribe individualized treatments and develop personal rehabilitation programs. These programs lead to improved movement efficiency, less pain, more strength, better mobility and ultimately a better performance.

Our sessions are always comprehensive, personalized and educational, resulting in an informed client who is empowered to better themselves long term. We see a variety of orthopaedic conditions in our practice like runner’s knee, ACL reconstructions, meniscal tears and repairs, ankle sprains, rotator cuff tears, spinal fusions, herniated discs, labral tears and many, many more. Some of our clients come to us directly from surgery and some are trying to avoid surgery. Each person is assessed and the results often read like a book. We find compensations and imbalances in the most unusual places that can be linked to old injuries or have contributed to the current injury and therefore need to be addressed as the primary cause on the opposite side of the body. Trying to make sense of the rotations and spiral nature of some of the compensations that we find has led our practice in the direction of scoliosis. 25% of my clients have a moderate to severe scoliosis and deciphering the curves and treatments is my forte. Derotating the spine and understanding your curves or compensations is an excellent place to start when trying to treat the malalignment of the spine.

Consider booking to see one of our Biokineticist to plan a way forward for your exercise goals and pick up early on any movement faults so that you can pre-habilitate to avoid injury down the line.

Jenna van der Merwe


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