Core Medical Centre

L Bosman

Mr Bosman is a qualified Medical Orthotist & Prosthetist, he attained his national diploma in 2009 where after he furthered his studies and went on to secure his B Tech honours qualification in 2010 at the Tshwane University Of Technology (TUT). He worked in the government sector for a number of years where he obtained invaluable knowledge and skills pertaining to the specific needs of patients in the public sector.

After completing his community service in 2010, Mr Bosman joined a private practice in Western Gauteng where he worked closely with Rand Mutual Assurance in servicing the vast majority of their IOD patients across Southern Africa and its neighbouring countries. His focus was in the complete rehabilitation treatment of paraplegic/quadriplegic as well as amputee patients.

In 2013 Mr Bosman opened his own private practice and is currently providing an orthotic, prosthetic and mobility service to numerous hospitals, acute and sub-acute stepdown facilities as well as frail care units and rehabilitation institutions.

Furthermore, he is part of a specialised multi-disciplinary rehabilitation team that provides a holistic approach to rehabilitative medical care to patients in and around the country.

His practise works closely with their patients and their physicians, as well as other representatives of the allied health professions in the rehabilitation of the physically challenged. They design and fit devices, known as orthoses, to provide care to patients who have disabling conditions of the limbs and spine. His team designs, manufacture and fits devices, known as prostheses, for patients who have had partial or total amputation of a limb. Furthermore, they assess for and supply home nursing equipment and specific mobility solutions to patients that have suffered complete and/or incomplete spinal cord injuries.